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Many of Indiana's regiments served with distinction in the war. The men in these regiments volunteered for three months of service at the start of the war, but their brief terms proved inadequate; most of these soldiers re-enlisted for three additional years of service.

Indiana in the American Civil War

The majority of the three-year regiments were deployed in the western theater. In another forty-one regiments from Indiana were mustered into service; about half were sent to the eastern theater and the other half remained in the west.

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During six more regiments were mustered into service to replace the casualties of the first two years' fighting, and on July 8,and additional thirteen temporary regiments were established during Morgan's Raid into southern Indiana. The men in these temporary regiments enlisted for terms of three months, but the regiments disbanded once the threat posed by Morgan's troops was gone. As the fighting declined, most of Indiana's regiments mustered out of service by the end ofbut some continued to serve.

Fogyás sumter sc fourteen additional Indiana regiments were mustered into a year of service.

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On November 10,the 13th Regiment Indiana Cavalry became the state's final regiment to be mustered out of the U. The 11th Indiana Infantry Regimentalso known as the Indiana Zouaves, under the command of Lew Wallace, was the first regiment organized in Indiana during the Civil War and the first one to march into battle. It secured Cemetery Hill on the first day of the three-day fight at the Battle of Gettysburgwhere it lost of its men. The 27th Indiana's casualties were fogyás sumter sc Colored Troopsformed at Indianapolis between December 24,and March 31,was the only black regiment formed in Indiana during the war.

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It trained at Indianapolis's Camp Fremont, near Fountain Squareand included enlisted men who signed on for three years of service. The regiment lost men during the conflict.

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At the end of the war the regiment served in Texas, where it mustered out of service on November 8, John J. Williamslast battlefield casualty of the war Politics[ edit ] Hoosiers voted in favor of the Republicans inand in JanuaryIndiana's newly elected lieutenant governor, Oliver P. Morton, became governor after Henry Smith Lane resigned from the office to take a vacant seat in the U.

Hoosiers also helped Abraham Lincoln win the presidency in the election and voted in favor of his re-election in Although Lincoln won only 40 percent of the country's popular vote in the U. Much of southern and central Indiana had strong ties to the South. Many of Indiana's early settlers had come from fogyás sumter sc Confederate state of Virginia and from Kentucky.

Governor Morton once complained to President Lincoln that "no other free state is zypan fogyás populated with southerners", which Morton believed kept him from being as forceful as he wanted to be. Some of this increase was due to Kentucky's desire to stay neutral in the war.

Carl Leon Danielson, MD – Surgeon in Sumter, SC

In addition, Kentucky was home to many Confederate sympathizers. Military bases in southern Indiana were needed to support Union operations against Confederates in Kentucky, and it was safer to store war fogyás sumter sc in towns on the north side of the river. Jeffersonville served as an important military depot for Union troops heading south.

Senate for disloyalty.

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Jesse D. Brightwho represented Indiana in the United States Senate had been a leader among the state's Democratics for several years prior to the outbreak of the war. In JanuaryBright was expelled from the Senate on allegations of disloyalty to the Union.

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He had written a letter of introduction for an arms merchant addressed to "His Excellency, Jefferson DavisPresident of the Confederation.

Bright's Senate replacement was Joseph A. Wrighta pro-Union Democrat and former Indiana governor.

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